Technical audits

auditorias-tecnicasWe have a team of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the industry who, supported by the Technical Office, carry out technical audits. Technical audits analyse all of the installation’s elements, anchoring, frameworks, cages, nets and beaconing; a detailed report is carried out on all non-conformities detected, as well as on proposed solutions.

Through Morenot Aquaculture’s consulting service, we also carry out mooring analysis reports. This analysis is carried out by means of Aqua-sim software, the software most used by the Norse aquiculture industry to calculate nets, anchoring and cages. Morenot Aquaculture’s consulting department has both the experience and the NS 9415 standard’s certification necessary to carry out this type of report.

In the mooring analysis, the value of forces withstood by all mooring systems under extreme weather conditions are presented, and the security factor for each component as per Norse standard NS 9415 is added.

MøreNot Spain has the human and material resources to take on these tasks, as well as the permits and authorisations necessary to carry out their activity.