Net material

Top-rate material, mandatory for a quality net.

MøreNot only uses high-quality filaments from approved providers. We have established high UV-protection standards for raw materials, while the entire production process, from the filament to end titration, is supervised by the quality assurance system ISO 9001:2008.

High constant quality may be documented, and there is total traceability for each filament used.

MøreNot nets are some of the most stable on the market. Shrinkage is minimum when the nets are properly treated.

MøreNot was the first company in Norway to produce nets without knots. This experience allows us to produce nets with high resistance to breakage in comparison with their weight.


  • The nets are manufactured at our main plant in Norway, as well as in Asia
  • High breakage load in relation to thickness and weight
  • UV-ray resistant
  • Clients prefer the net, due to its good design and strength


  • Very highly resistant to traction
  • Resistant to abrasion and wear
  • Lighter: Less fibre with the same or better resistance to traction
  • Easier handling
  • Thinner meshes
  • UV protection


  • A brand belonging to MøreNot Aquaculture
  • Highly resistant to traction
  • Manufactured with Dyneema® fibre and polyester
  • Produced with Super Knot
  • Characteristics as a pure Dyneema® net
  • UV protection


Conversion table



Measurement of mesh size: According to the Industry Standard for knot- and ripple free net (Super Knot), the mesh size is measured between the center of 2 opposed junctions (Fig. 1) in accordance with ISO 1107-1974.

Weight and breaking strength