Flexilink is the result of years of research and development in collaboration with SINTEF and with Norse aquiculture firms. The system meets at NS 9415 requirements and may be adapted to all sorts of settings.


As a pioneer in the aquiculture field, MøreNot has implemented the Flexilink fibre mooring net, with the following qualities:

  • Reduction in the number of mooring components
  • Reduction of mechanical wear
  • Reduction in the number of net inspections
  • Easier calculations and analyses
  • Lower purchasing cost and greater lifecycle

The principle behind Flexilink has been used in hoisting for many years and was developed even further for mooring, and holds the NS 9415 certification. The system was designed according to the site location and client requirements for easy, safe installation.


Several Norse aquiculture companies have changed to Flexilink in their mooring nets. Flexilink’s benefits are the following:

  • There are no connection plates, bonds, thimbles or steel rings
  • There are only flexible fibre lashes, combined with a Danline rope
  • Between 42 and 280 tons breaking load
  • The pre-manufactured grills make installation easier and faster
  • The reduced number of components provides greater security and greater intervals between inspections
  • Greater inspection intervals significantly reduce cost over the course of its lifespan

flexilink-esquema-300We personalise the mooring grid, based on the analysis and specification given by clients. The net is totally assembled in a big-bag or a box, coming directly from one of our many companies. MøreNot Acuicultura has developed procedures and systems to re-certify individual components or for complete mooring systems. Our consulting department carries out tests, calculations and analyses that give us the responses necessary to approve the equipment for continued use in existing facilities, or to be used at a new site.

If you have any questions about already-existing mooring equipment, please ask us for help.