mapaMøreNot is involved in the continuous development of products and the creation of innovative solutions, thanks to close cooperation with aquaculturists and research institutions. Being close to the client is important on a global market.

  • All of our products are accredited by the Norse Standard NS 9415.
  • All nets are met as per NS 9415.
  • MøreNot is internationally renowned for its quality and prestige.
  • MøreNot manufactures the netting material in their own factory in Norway, and the nets are assembled at their subsidiaries, including Morenot Spain. The result is personalised, with high-quality nets and a quick delivery timeframe.
  • We have been in the South of Tarragona since 2001, and were purchased in 2010 by the Norse group MøreNot.
  • We are specialised in the maintenance and construction of nets for aquiculture, the sale of anchoring material and aquiculture services.
  • Sales to all of the large groups in Spain and the Canary Islands, as well as presence in Portugal, United Kingdom, Norway, Tunisia, Malta, Ghana, Italy, Morocco, Greece…