Anti-Fouling Treatment

netkem330Anti-fouling is an anti-encrusting product applied after net repair and disinfection, according to each company’s needs, with high-quality and performance products. This process is carried out by means of a vacuum impregnation system that allows the use of different anti-fouling types and entry into the net’s fibres.

Advantages of anti-fouling treatment:

  • Maintenance costs in net changing work are reduced.
  • Repair costs are reduced.
  • The nets’ lifespan is increased.
  • Fish stock vital condition quality is improved.
  • The net storage area’s quality is improved.



  • Netwax NI 3: Standard anti-fouling with copper, used most frequently in Norway.
  • Netwax NI 4: A stronger version of NI 3.
  • Netwax Gold: Very effective against mussels.
  • Netwax T4 anti Bite: A special product to reduce fish bites.
  • Netpolish NP Súper: For organic fish farming. It protects nets and increases their lifespan.
  • Superguard: Anti-fouling with a good quality-price ratio.